Meng Fai initially practised in Belden but later moved to Singapore where he practised with Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP from 2012-May 2015. In May 2015, Meng Fai returned to Belden as a Partner of the firm.

Meng Fai’s focus is in the area of claims and disputes in the construction, engineering and mining industry. Meng Fai also advises clients on industrial relations, insurance and commercial disputes.

Meng Fai has handled domestic and international arbitrations in Singapore and Malaysia and various contractual and statutory compulsory adjudications.

Meng Fai is familiar with all domestic standard forms of Contract as well as the international forms such as SIA and FIDIC.

His experience in claims advisory and dispute resolution in the industry includes:

  • design and construction of Electric Transmission and Stringing
  • design and installation of hardware and software for Remote Meter Reading Project
  • mining works at the Life of Mine Project
  • design and construction of Mixed Development Projects
  • design and construction of Double Tracking Railway Projects
  • design and construction of Coal Fired Power Station Projects
  • rehabilitation of 275kV Substation
  • design and construction of Oil Storage Terminal
  • shutting down of a Polycarbonate Factory
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